UFPA Legal Theory Workshop

UFPA Legal Theory Workshop brings prominent speakers from other universities to discuss contemporary issues in jurisprudence. It is coordinated by professors Saulo de Matos (UFPA) and André Coelho (UFRJ) as part of the activities of research groups “Teorias Normativas do Direito” (UFPA) e “Pura Teoria do Direito” (CESUPA). Since 2018, the workshop is held in English.

UFPA Legal Theory Workshop 2019 “Inclusive Legal Positivism” and ““Common Law Theory of Judicial Review: the living tree”, Waluchow

Special invited speakers: Will Waluchow (McMaster University)


UFPA Legal Theory Workshop 2017 “Scott Shapiro, Legality”

Special invited speakers: Luiz Fernando Barzotto (UFRGS), Cláudio Michelon Jr. (University
of Edinburgh)


UFPA Legal Theory Workshop 2016 “Ronald Dworkin, O Império do Direito”

Special invited speakers: Thomas Bustamante (UFMG), Ronaldo Porto Macedo Junior
(USP), Fábio Shecaira (UFRJ)